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Product Math Alive [Math Alive] Can teachers provide PODs to students?

Math Alive does not support PODs, but students can identify their weaknesses by solving the problems through homework.

Product Math Alive [Math Alive] Are placement tests offered?

Diagnostics tests can be used as placement tests to measure the levels of students.

Product Math Alive [Math Alive] Is this a program for elementary school students?

Math Alive is a program for elementary school students.

We recommend students in GK and G1~G5 to take the courses.

Product Math Alive [Math Alive] Is it possible to customize Math Alive according to the curriculum for each country?

Currently, customization by country is not currently supported. Math Alive was developed to correspond to CCSS.

Product Math Alive [Math Alive] Are the classes 100% digital without the need for textbooks?

We don't provide textbooks for Math Alive; however, students can check their learning by solving problems through homework.

Product Math Alive [Math Alive] How many learnable concepts does it offer?

There are 519 learnable concepts in total. (GK: 64 concepts; G1~G5: Approximately 90 concepts)

In CCSS(Common Core State Standards), even when the students are learning the same content, they can each learn it individually by separating the concepts according to a method or strategy.  

For example, when learning adding two-digit numbers, students will learn separately by using methods such as hundred charts, number lines, and the break-apart strategy.

There are around 90 concepts per grade level.

Product Math Alive [Math Alive] What curriculum is Math Alive based on when it was developed?

We developed our own math curriculum based on the US academic standard known as Common Core State Standards.

Product Math Alive [Math Alive] Is Math Alive a program that encourages self-directed learning?

Math Alive is designed to be used by teachers and students for classes.

It is an educational program specialized for interactive learning.

Product Oxford [OD] What is 'More Activities'? How can I use this in class?

More activities are additional activity templates that help students to learn new words, reading, grammar, listening, and speaking more interactively.

Product Oxford [OD] What is an interactive book? How does it relate to studying the Oxford Discover program?

An interactive Book is a digitized book based on a PDF of an Oxford Discover book. An interactive book enables teachers to run classes more interactively using smart devices. Also, interactive books support video and audio learning resources for classes. These features are very powerful teaching tools that support teachers and allow them to easily prepare for and conduct classes.

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